Our mission is to empower everyone to become an investor.

We believe in a better future for everyone and the power of innovation. We believe the world is not a zero-sum game. We believe that technology can solve a lot of the problems humanity faces. We play our small part in this by building smart solutions to make investing easier, more affordable and more accessible. We want to empower people to become investors and make their financial lives better.


We value other people’s money.

People trust us with their hard earned money. We have to look after it more carefully than if it was our own. After all, it is not just money, it is people's time and dreams as well. We only succeed if our clients stay with us for the long run, so thinking and acting long-term is the only way.


We dance like nobody's watching but run our company like everyone is.

Complying with the rules and regulations of our industry is not just a requirement for us, we want to be best in class. The finance world has a lot of information asymmetries, which are sometimes used against clients. We want to be different; we design our products, calculate our pricing, and service our clients in a way that is fair and clear. We strive to be the most trusted brand in finance. Doing the right thing when no one is watching is how we create a great and honest culture.


We are here to make things simpler.

The world and in particular the world of finance is complex. Simplifying complexity is very disruptive. But simple is hard. It requires a deep understanding of the domain and all its details and a special kind of creativity. It requires thinking and communicating with absolute clarity. To make our clients’ financial lives easier it’s not always about “the shiny stuff” - the work in the background is very important as well. We value this work enormously.


We want you to come as you are.

It is a priority for us to provide an inclusive, diverse and equitable environment where everyone can live up to their potential and, most importantly, feel a true sense of belonging. Without a culture of inclusion we cannot attract the best talents from all backgrounds and cannot create the best products for our clients.


We never assume.

A lot of errors happen and a lot of innovation does not happen because one wrong assumption leads to another. „This looks odd but someone must have checked it...“. If we are not absolutely certain, we think, ask and clarify - but never assume. If data and gut feeling don’t align, it's a red flag.


We are on time or arrive sweaty.

All we have is time so we cannot waste it. Being late is a waste of other people's time and disrespectful, it shows you value your time more than theirs. We must make every effort to be on time and if we really can’t be then we at least hurry and arrive sweaty.


We believe in beauty.

We build things that don’t only have to work, they need to be beautiful. Beautiful design is not only how it looks, it’s about removing obstacles and making it work seamlessly. Code can be beautiful. Copy can be beautiful. A process can be beautiful. People appreciate work done beautifully when they see it. It shows we care.


We boldly think backwards.

Being bold is aspiring. If we are not bold, someone else will be. We are not afraid to cannibalize ourselves. We think clients-first and work backwards from there. If we recognize something that would be good for our clients, we build it. We don’t think “how much can we charge the client and still get away with?” but “how little can we charge to still manage to operate profitably at a large scale?”.


We believe in access and freedom of choice.

We are disrupting the world of finance. But disruption doesn’t mean destruction. Disruption means making services available to the many that were previously only available to the few. We believe that people will make good choices if you provide them access to opportunities, in our case investment opportunities, but transparency, fairness and education are essential for that.


We are owners.

Our people are encouraged to behave like true owners. Owners make decisions. Owners finish what they started. Owners think long term and act in the interest of the whole organization. Owners develop their own instincts and trust their own intuition. Owners value building things over holding meetings. Owners live by “you build it, you run it.” Owners are both demanding and supportive.


We know that people are all we’ve got.

We don’t sit on an oil field. We don’t own patents. In the end, the only thing giving us an edge are our people. We have to make every effort to find and foster outstanding talent. This is a lot of work and involves the entire firm every single day but if done right it will lead to a positive enhancement loop: because smart people like to work with smart people. We recognise and reward excellent people quickly. We strive to be a place of excellence. We expect our people to not only be experts in their respective fields, e.g. engineers in their tech stack, but also to be well versed in the functional and financial domain in which they operate.


We work as a team.

We oppose silo-mentality. We always assume (yes, this one time only it’s ok) positive intent. We treat and talk to each other with respect and trust. We don’t check our phones or emails when someone is presenting. We discuss openly, inclusively and conversely but once a decision is made, everyone gets behind it. We love sharing, whether it is knowledge, kudos or candid feedback. We’re never too busy to help each other out. We have no job for "that's not my job" types. We use descriptive language and avoid non-standard acronyms.


We believe finance is a strong lever to advance climate change goals.

We commit to play our part in driving change towards a sustainable future. By offering and incorporating sustainability into everything we do - from managing money to running our company, we want to help make sustainability the new norm for investing and make sustainable investing more accessible to everyone.


We are humble.

No one likes a show off.